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1st Floor: Floor Plans and Photos

Suite 100 occupies the east half of 1st floor. It has 2 open work areas, 4 private offices and an executive powder room. Suite 100 can be leased as the yellow highlighted area shows, or to include the conference room or the entire 1st floor. Suite 120 occupies the west half of the 1st floor. It has 1 large open work areas and 3 private offices. 1st floor has access all new stainless kitchen, granite restrooms, and modern conference room.
Entire 1st Floor (4,220 SF): $5,000/month @ $15/sf/yr+ CAM
Suite 100 (1,823 SF): $2,750 / monthly @ $17/sf/y + CAM 
Suite 100 + Conference (2,104 SF): $3,200 monthly @ $18/sf/y + CAM
Suite 120 (1,268 SF): $2,000 monthly rent @ $19/sf/y + CAM
Layouts and prices subject to change. Contact 773-655-3243 for more details.
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