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RV Guide

1-Hour RV Walk Through items for a safe and smooth trip.

PICK UP LOCATION (if you did not order drop off service):
The Odyssey is parked at the following address for you to pick up:

5005 Newport Dr

Rolling Meadows, IL 60008.

You have leave up to 2 cars at our RV parking spot during your trip

When we meet, we need to go through the following topics. Please plan AN HOUR for the walk through. 



  • Hands on trying.

  • What to remove and keep? Washer, grill and gas tank? Folding Chairs? Picnic chairs? Extra folding bed??

  • Be preventative of accidents and damages. $1000 deposit used, before insurance money is touched! Even if it is your not fault (like a rock flies in the window, insurance will not kick in till after the deposit!) 



  • Where is the vacuum

  • Keep blanket on comforter on the 2 beds. We wash blankets each time. Not the comforters.  Sleep between sheets. 

  • Where are the breakers! 

  • Where are towels and blankets. 

  • Where are extra comforters (bed sheet inside, use between body and comforter), iron boards etc, electric heater



  • Use our building bathroom on 1st floor. Code for woman 1768, man 1005.

  • Toilet treated already for the week. (Winter: Pump not working at all. Gravity pink water only. Use pink fluid and flush.)

  • Toilet paper goes in sealed can! 

  • First aid package. 

  • Avoid #2 by all means!! It will needs a lot of fluid to flush! Pick a camp spot near camp facility, and use camp facility bathroom instead. 



  • Thermostats has 4 temperatures: bedroom, living room, outdoor and tank/pipes. 

  • How to use heat! (1) heat, auto fan (2) RV battery or plugged in for thernostats power. (3) How to turn off front panel screen that drains battery when not driving

  • How to use AC? Needs 120 plug in or generator. 

  • Open all cabinets and drawers. 

  • Folding 2 chairs and table allows walk through while solder is open. Are in garage. If placed by slider, be sure not to stick anything when opening slider. 

  • How to turn on stove. (Turning oven needs lighter from tool box.)

  • Frig: how to turn on, open/close frig.  Avoid over flow when first opening it. Temperature meter hanging. Clip lock. Press, push-in then pull to open. 

  • How to pull blinds up and down! Balancing with two hands. Or string will break!

  • Privacy curtain drop down.



  • How to auto leveling! How to retrieve legs. 

  • How to open awning and awning lights. BE SURE to level the RV first!!! Windy days, very important to close it! 

  • Open slider! Be sure to level first!!!, clear clutter, check outside space first. 

  • Dry camp: Do NOT use hot water heater (electric nor gas)!! Do NOT use tank heater!! They will burn the equipments when no water is in there. Do not use pump. 

  • How to use water? 2 conditions: pump and setting.

  • Power step and accident with it

  • Signals for battery, Fresh, grey, black.

  • How to use interior/exterior speaker. Interior is driver speakers only. Exterior is the RV house and outdoor. 

  • Battery on car: Lights, battery only car on 

  • Power all off on house



  • Fan cover for the stove! Open to use stove fan. 

  • 5” height bottom, tilting ground 

  • Out door TV

  • Garage has grill, fishing tools, wood burning hotdog/mush-mellow sticks, garbage ca see n, table & 2 chairs!, picnic chairs.  

  • Propane level check 

  • How to empty tank and clean tank. (1) dump black when it is at least 2/3 full. (2) close black shut off. (3) flush 5 gallons of water in toilet using shower handle and dump again black tank again. Double check black tank signal is empty. (4) close black shut off! 

  • How to empty grey tank and clean: empty it after you empty black. May need 3-5 gallons of clear water. 




  • car-play, trailer button, back camera

  • Photo for mileage! 

  • Turn on car, break, break release. Do NOT release break when slider or swing is open!! The RV will collapse and not leveled! 

  • Screen close 

  • photos for, generator hour, black, propane, grey, fresh water, outside 5 photos. 10 photos. 

  • Alix needs IDs 

  • gas up



  • Slider and awning is already inside? Leveling first and THEN retrieved!

  • Retract leveling legs.

  • All outside compartments are fully closed? Check! 

  • Shower door is hooked? 

  • Frig doors are closed with a click?

  • Kitchen counter has no loose items Kitchen counter has no loose items 




Username: ODYSSEY

Password: safety#1 

(Password is all smaller cases, no space) 

WiFi works only when (1) Router power button is pressed on (2) there is 120 power supplied by camp site electricity, or when RV generator is turned on.



⁃ toilet paper goes inside of the sealed garb and the brown can is next to toilet. 

⁃ avoid using no 2. If must, flush 2-3 times during usage, do not wait to flush till end. 

⁃ Use minimum “RV” toilet paper. I have plenty under the bath sink. No need to buy more.

⁃ If you rent RV more than a week, flush 1 scoop of fresh powder on the 8th day. 



⁃ RV still leveled? Good, you can retrieve slider and awning.

- Then you can retrieve RV leveling legs.

- Then you can pull the break release plug.

⁃ All outside compartments are fully closed? Check again! 

⁃ Shower glass door is hooked? 

⁃ Kitchen Counter has no loose items 

⁃ Frig doors are closed with a click?



There is a large deposit held by RVshare till 3 days after your trip ends. Please note insurance does NOT kick in until after your deposit (used as deductible) is spent completely. 


ROCKS BEHIND a messy vehicle 

We had two cases where rocks damage Windshield. So stay away from spaces where rocks fly! Usually a truck with debris or a windy day near a rocky hillside. The cost for such innocent damage is over $600. 



⁃ Turn off engine and lights 

⁃ Make sure the “power for all” switch is off. It is located at RV entrance left-bottom-section wall. 

⁃ Lock front car two-doors by pressing LOCK button on the door. 

⁃ MAKE SURE you have RV keys in your hand! Then lock RV entrance door from inside by switching the bottom latch and shut door. It locks automatically. 

⁃ Make sure outdoor TV is turned off. 

⁃ Make sure outside shower knobs (Compartment #8) are turned off completely and not dripping water. 

⁃ Make sure all outside compartments are locked.



Any US drive license can drive Odyssey in all states WITHIN the US. But it is a 33 feet truck and 13 feet tall. Please be sure to read through below: 

⁃ Drive slow. Reduce speed GRADUALLY. Avoid sudden stops! 


- 13’ tall min a must! Over bridge must be 13 feet tall! Our AC is super high on the roof.

⁃ Avoid small road…it may have hangover or trees that is less than 14 feet or you can not turn around!  

- Park at least 2 feet from high curbside! Our auto step will stuck into it.

⁃ Avoid tilted slope! A lot of equipments are under the RV. Below RV is only 5" space.

⁃ Watching two front mirrors do not hit poles. Two front mirrors are widest part of the RV.

⁃ The right side USB has car play. Must use a single-line non-split charger with your phone. 

⁃ If you are not sure you can turn around, walk in the area to see an exit BEFORE driving into a narrow area. 

⁃ Back cameras are on only when turning or backing up.


RV uses propane for heating. It requires “Main Power” button to be on so that thernostats can send signal to furnace to light up. It does not require 120 volt electricity on or generator to be on to blow heat. However when battery is not full. If there is no power source, turn on generator for 15-30 minutes helps getting thermostats started. 



Odyssey uses 120 volt electricity to power. So for AC to work, either Odyssey is plugged in a 30amp or 50amp power source, or you need to turn on the generators We do have a house-hold converter that allows RV to be plugged into any house hold outlet. Keep in mind normal house hold outlet is only 15-20 amp, so use one thing at a time (for example, turn off AC when using microwave). When you are driving, you can use the front Max AC and blow wind to the back.



Please plan 1 hour to get settled at your camp site: 


Step 1: NEED PRE-FILL/DUMP? Before you park AND If your own camp site does not have private water/drain, you need to make sure (a) you have dumped grey water unless it is 1/3 or less full. (b) Black water, you can wait to dump when it is 2/3 or more full. (c) And you want to make sure that you have filled your fresh water tank full and 2-gallon backup water tank full at the sink. 


STEP 2: PARK AT THE RIGHT SPOT: (1) Park your RV so its right side under awing area is on a flat pleasant land (no mud, rocks or uneven). (2) Watch out low trees branches!!! You may need to park away from them or chop some first before driving under it. (3) You could back up but closer to the road so you have more flat/private land behind the RV. (4) Make sure your electric compartment #9 is within 10 feet from the power source!! (5) Do NOT turn off car yet! 


STEP 3: ELECTRIC ON: (1) Use the small key on your key ring to unlock electric compartment #9. (2) Pull the electric plug from the INSIDE/cut hole of the electric compartment, and drag it “just long enough” to reach to the charger station. (3) Use the orange 50 amp converter if you site has 50 amp power. (4) Plug in the surge protector. (5) Plug in your RV electric plug in. (6) Camp site breaker may be off. Flip the breaker on. Hooray! AC, Frig, WiFi and everything can be on :) (7) Double check: your generator is off! No need to waste it! Kids may have turned it on.  (8) Make sure your AC thermostats and Frig are actually turned on inside. 


STEP 4: AUTO-LEVELING (1) Go to driver seat, press with your foot on the bottom-very-left break pedal. Make sure your car is turned on! (2) IF your camp site is not concrete or asphalt, put 1-3 yellow footers DIRECTLY under the four RV level feet. (2) Auto-level control is on the bottom-right wall at the RV entrance. Turn it on. (3) Press auto-level button, then press enter. (4) Wait for auto-leveling to finish. It will show “success”. After a few seconds, the success message will disappear. Then press power OFF. (5) Now you can turn off car engine! 


STEP 5: GOT WATER? If your site has water, hook it up now. (1) Connect Water Pressure Control to the water source. (2) Hook up the  hose to the Water Pressure Control. All our hoses have shut-off valve. (3) On the RV input pipe, clip up the blue filter to the hose. Check water comes out of the blue filter. (4) Clip up the blue filter to the RV hook up. (5) Change to “City Fill Tank” option so you get at least half tank of water in your RV fresh water tank, because Camp site sometimes shut water for repairs.  (6) Turn on water at water source. (7) Check black hose has no tie downs. Check connections has no leaks. (8) After you got at least half water tank full, change to “City Fixtures” meaning city water directly go yo RV faucets and toilet. 


STEP 6: GOT DRAIN? If your site has a private drainage, hook it up now. (1) make sure both black and grey shut off are all the way closed. (2) Remove existing round cover and hook up with the orange drain pipe. (3) On the other side of the orange drain pipe, hook up a seal (ring) so it fits in standard drain perfectly. (4) Turn on grey water valve ONLY. That way, non-toilet water will go to drain directly. (5) you should NEVER leave your RV's black tank drain open while hooked up. Empty black drain only when it is 2/3 or more full. 


STEP 7: OPEN AWNING (optional). (1) Awning can come out only AFTER the RV has been auto-leveled AND car engine is turned off (2) Press “Out” on the bottom left wall of RV entrance. You need to bring it out all the way so you can see a strip of LED awning light. (3) Turn on awning light button. (4) Remember to close awning for windy, hail, stormy days!! It costs over $5k to replace the automatic awning. Most RV removes it to eliminate the potential risk. 


STEP 8: EXTEND SLIDE (optional) Slider can come out ONLY after (1) RV has been auto-leveled AND (2) car engine is turned off. (3) Make sure on both left and right side of slider do not have clutters!! There are two chairs hidden on left side of the slider! (4) Now press EXD so the slider goes out. (5) It is probably a good idea to set up the small table in front of the recline sofa so you have extra table space. (6) You can also turn the front driver seat and co-driver seat 180 degrees so your have extra two chairs in the living quarter. 


STEP 9: OPEN STOVE VENT: There is an outside white vent next to kitchen window. If you are shorter than 5’7”, you may need the black stool to reach it. Pull it open. 


STEP 10: Optional: Set up floor mat, picnic chairs and table covers, solar night torches, mosquito killer, bug spray 



The bunker bed grey sheet has extra length of fabric tucked under its foam. At night, you could let it down so people will not see inside. 



When it is about to get stormy and windy and before you go to bed, be sure to roll back the awning! A damaged awning will cost approximately $5,000 to replace! 



If you do not have water hook up, refer these tips. It will save you from frequent trips refilling. 


> WASH HANDS: Wet hands, and turn off water! Take your time scrubbing your hands. Rinse bubbles quickly.


> WASH DISHES: (1) Use paper cups and plates if you can. (2) Use paper or alcohol wipe to wipe most of dirt from the dishes. (3) Use the rectangle container on right side sink to soak dishes. (4) Dish scrubbers are in the side drawer by kitchen sink. (5) When rinsing scrubbed dishes, be quick and catch the water with the rectangular container so they can be used for next dish soaking. (6) Use blue kitchen towels and stove top as drying towels and racks. 


> SHOWER: Be super fast getting wet. Turn off water to use soap. Use shampoo and conditioner mixed at the same time.  Rinse quickly by grabbing shower handle to rinse directly. 


> WATER OFF? Make sure your outdoor shower handles, kitchen and bath handles are fully closed. They may be dripping. 



Please plan TWO HOURS to leave your Camp Site. 



(0) Turn on your AC to 65 and max fan. Close windows. (1) Picnic table covers (green), grill, picnic mat, kitchen equipment should be left clean prior packing them up. (2) Collect garbage, especially food garbage to throw away. Pack stuff in the RV. Separate your personal stuff aside. 



Now assuming the RV is still leveled AND car engine is off, press Awning “IN” button to retrieve the awning.



Assuming RV is leveled, AND car engine is off, make sure to clear clutters on both sides  of the Slider! Then press Retract/Close button to close the slide. 



IF your camp site has no private drain and water connection, do step 4 and 5 at the end when you arrive at dump station. (0) Ask if anyone needs to use RV bathroom for the last time… (1) WEAR GLOVES: Make sure BOTH grey tank valve and black tank valve are closed. (2) Make sure connection is all connected fully and sealed including the end/exit orange seal/ring/cap!! (3) Turn on your black tank valve only. It does not take long to empty black tank. REMOVE GLOVES. (4) Go inside of RV, turn on your kitchen sink water and leave it on…this is preparing grey water tank clearing. (5) Use shower head (it is just long enough to reach toilet) or a kitchen rectangle clear bucket to flush 3 toilets full of clear water. (6) WEAR GLOVES: Wait for the black tank clean water finish flushing, then CLOSE FULLY black tank valve.  (7) You’ve emptied and cleaned black tank…No one should use RV toilet from now on! Use camp restrooms or gas station restrooms instead. 



(1) WEAR GLOVES Open grey water valve. REMOVE GLOVES. (2) Depending on how long is your drive, your fresh water tank should store no more than 1/3 tank of water. 

Shut off kitchen water.  (3) Let the grey water finish dripping. It takes long, sometimes more than 5 minutes. (4) WEAR GLOVES: Close drain RV cap. Rinse orange drain pipe and store inside of the bumper tube. Remember to cover the black tube cover back! Rinse other drain accessories and gloves and put them in Container #9. (5) You’ve emptied and cleaned grey tank water. No one should use grey tank from now on! If you need to use kitchen sink, use a clear rectangle container to catch water and pour them outside of RV manually. 



(1) Turn RV engine on. Manual breaker should be on. If not, press bottom left pedal. (2) At RV entrance bottom wall, turn on auto-leveling panel. (3) Press arrows down till you see “Auto-Retracting”, then press enter! The RV should drop/shake suddenly!! (4) Wait for retracting to finish and then press Power off button of the auto-leveling panel. (5) Grab the yellow pads (if you used them), rinse excessive mud, and then place them in Container # 9. (6) Turn off car engine. 



(1) Retrieve water hose and accessories. (2) Remember to bring back the water pressure gauge, which is directly connected to water source. 



(1) Turn off camp site breakers! Now your RV has no more AC unless your turn on generator. (2) Retrieve electric hose and accessories. (3) Lock the electric compartment to be able to close the door. (4) Make sure to close and lock all your compartments. Press door in to lock each compartment. 



(1) Turn on the power step on, so the step tucked inside when you drive! (2) Check around the RV compartments are all locked. (3) Shut stove outside vent-opening cover.(4) Check you did not leave anything at Camp ground. (5) Drive away! Watch out for low branches. 


Leaving Camp Site


WHEN YOU LEAVE CAMP SITE, be sure to take advantage of its free dumping/water services: 

  • DUMP BLACK TANK by opening black tank valve only. (If black-tank sensor shows not empty, you can (1) close black tank valve (2) use shower head water to fill the toilet full 5 times and flush. This cleans black-tank and its debris on the sensors. (3) Open black-tank valve again to empty black tank.)

  • THEN DUMP GREY TANK by opening grey tank valve only. (If grey tank sensor shows not empty, you can (1) close grey tank valve (2) run kitchen and bath sink water for 5 minutes. This soaks/cleans grey tank (3) Open grey tank valve again to empty grey tank.)

  • KEEP VALVES/DRAIN-CAP OPEN: After you dump black/grey tanks, black/grey-tank sensors may still show partially full. If so, leave both black and grey valves wide open and use the white tape (in drawer under coffee machine) to secure the swinging round drain-cap from falling out. Drive for a long time with all valves/cap open and this will air out the grey and black tank. By the time you arrive, sensors should show empty. 

  • Now tanks are empty, use highway exit bathrooms from now on.

RV Truck Stop Oasis (optional) 


Step 1: Call to make sure the highway truck stop has everything you need: fill the gas, fill the propane (usually $30-$40 to fill a full tank), dump drain ($10-$15) and use water source near the drain (included). My favorite has been Love’s Truck stop. Nearest Love’s west of us: 201 Love’s Crossing, Hampshire IL. 


Step 2: Fill your propane first. It requires a personnel to do it and bill you. They will give you a code to open drain cap. 


Step 3: Take the propane bill and pay for it along with drain usage 


Step 4: gas up the RV full. Truck stop has long-stick window cleaners. Use it to wipe off the bugs on your window. If their stick is short, use our RV stool to reach further. 


Step 5: take your time to drain black, then grey, and use water source as needed. 


Step 6: Truck stops often has restaurants, stores and shower facilities. A lot of times, trucks and RVs park over night. 




Park RV at 5005 Newport Dr, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008. The specific RV parking spot will be: # 45-50. They are the parking areas in front of the building next to other trucks. 


STEP 1: Take 9 photos and text to Alix at 773-655-3243.  

(1) dashboard shows mileage and Gas is full. 

(2) generator hours. 

(3) grey tank empty by pressing the button. 

(4) black tank empty by pressing the button. 

(5) propane tank meter at Compartment # 3, showing how full is the propane tank. 

(6) FOUR photos outside of the RV 


STEP 2: VERY IMPORTANT: Press All Power off all at the entrance door where all RV control panels are. The button is next to awning light control. 


STEP 3. Lock RV house-entrance door by pulling latches up from in side. 


STEP 4: Hold the RV keys!! Make sure all lights are off. From outside, press lock on RV driver-doors. After you lock all doors, it takes 30 seconds for some lights to go off. Make sure all lights are off, including GPS panel and ceiling lights in the front driver seat. 


STEP 5: Make sure all compartments are locked. 


STEP 6: RV key goes inside of Compartment #3 lock box. Compartment #3 is the propane tank door. Today’s code for the lockbox is:



Please use the check list as a reference when you return the RV: 

> If you used kitchen cooking equipment or grill, please leave kitchen equipment and grill clean for the next guest. (There will be $30 charge if grill is not cleaned.)

> Clean obvious dirt off floor mat, picnic table liner, fire pit & grill tools before storing them in compartments.

> Food garbage must not stay in the RV.

> Make sure you took all your personal belongings, including phone chargers, laundry, medicines etc. 

> Do NOT wash comforters or quilts. Those need to be dry cleaned. No need to wash any sheets, towels etc. 

> Empty grey and black drain please. (There is a $75 charge if they are not empty!) 

> Fill gas tank full. Take pictures of the dash board (gas full, mileage), generator hours, and propane tank meter. Take pictures of outside of the RV for your own record. 

> Text Alix at 773-655-3243 your estimated arrival time. Someone will be at the property there and take keys. 


Thank you very much for choosing Odyssey as your RV companion! During your trip, I am just one phone away! Feel free may text or call me with any questions by texting or calling: 773-655-3243. 

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