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Guests Reviews

Dorishia B. booked a workshop for 40 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 1/11/2020

Beautiful Space, exactly as advertised and worked perfectly for a vision board workshop I recently hosted. I would recommend this space for any meetings, workshops, conferences, etc. Alix was so accommodating to all of my needs and made sure that my event went smoothly. Thanks so much! 

Eva R. booked a baby shower for 50 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 1/4/2020

Awesome experience! Very easy process and the host was very helpful

Jacqueline G. booked a training for 10 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 12/28/2019

The space is as pictured. And very clean. All the tools are there white board screen and projector or TV. I had a problem with my connection from my computer to the TV and the host went well out of their way to get me an adapter to connect. They were very attentive to our set up needs. Food is available to order but we went out to the outback for lunch is was very close and convenient. Overall the space was great for our needs.

LeShawnda M. booked a vision board workshop for 18 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 12/14/2019

This space what everything I needed. Very clean, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. Worked perfectly for my event. Thanks Alix!

Bridgette W. booked an event for 20 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 11/29/2019

It worked well for our family's dinner/ gathering. We expected 20 to 25 people, but it was enough space for more. The owner was nice and very accomodating. We would definitely recommend this location. The only problem is the restroom is on the 2nd floor and the conference room is in the basement.

Frank G. booked a group workshop for 12 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 11/20/2019

The space was absolutely perfect for our meeting! The room is well lit with plenty of directional switches, the table was large and gave us the ability to spread out. The attached kitchen space gave us plenty of room and options for setting out our food offering for coffee, breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Alix was an attentive, yet unobtrusive site manager. We would definitely use the space again for meetings that we stage around the O'Hare area!

Ina S. booked an off-site for 15 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 11/10/2019

For anyone doing crafty projects, this is the IDEAL room! Plenty of bright light and a huge whiteboard wall. Any issues, call Alix - instant response. We were VERY happy! Our hotel offered free shuttle service, which was great! Drop off and pick up was so easy. There is also plenty of free parking at the back. I can only recommend this venue!

AJ M. booked a meeting for 2 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 10/16/2019

Very Nice place. A little tricky to get into and restrooms are two floors up without an elevator

Miguel R. booked a group meeting for 10 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 10/4/2019

Everything was exactly as described and Alix went the extra mile to make sure we were well informed about how to use and access the amenities included in our booking. Alix was extremely kind and responsive too!

Elliott C. booked a meetup for 10 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 9/28/2019

The room worked very well overall. there was a group using the space right next to us when we came in, and they were very loud and distracting. However, after they left about an hour later, we had the peace and quiet we needed to focus. We really liked the abundant whiteboard and table space, and the room was very accessible and generally easy to get to. All in all, the room served us well and we were happy with our booking!

Eric M. booked a coaching session for 2 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 9/10/2019

The space was perfect and Alix was incredibly easy to work with.

Ryan O. booked a lecture for 30 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 9/1/2019

Great space for my needs. Host made themselves available for questions and assistance throughout the day. Listing was accurate for all amenities.

Eboni S. booked an off-site for 2 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 7/20/2019

This was the perfect place to host my class. Everything was as described. Alex's communication was very professional. She kept me informed on everything. The space was nice and clean. I will definitely book this space again soon!!

Jessa B. booked an off-site for 30 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 6/25/2019

Very nice room, fridge and all sorts of extras! Alice was very nice and helpful.

Etieno A. booked an off-site for 30 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 11/10/2019

Alix is a great host! It’s our second time using this venue and the experience has been nothing but amazing! The venue was neat and well arranged. We had our meeting without any disturbance or whatsoever. I would recommend this to anyone look for a classy venue to hold meetings.

Karen S. booked an off-site for 17 people

Boardroom | 100 Higgins O'Hare | 6/8/2019

I come to Chicago every year to teach a full day workshop. Normally it is difficult to find a place to accommodate 20+ people but now I found a place. This location was GREAT. Alix was extremely helpful on all levels and in all ways. She responded quickly to my texts and of my needs. I was able to set up the day before and was willing to accept my equipment ahead of time. It was clean and organized! I would HIGHLY recommend this place if you need to hold a training or workshop... she was so accommodating and it was very professional!

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